Swimming Class

Let the adults happily familiar aqueous, master basic swimming ability, to prepare for the next stage.

Learning content: scuba, still prone floating body, basic leg movements with the breath to.

Freestyle swimming style are the four fastest swimming style, action easier to grasp.

Backstroke, also known backstroke, breathing nose and mouth has been in the water, while the back float is also a basic survival skills.

Learning content: freestyle and backstroke kick, freestyle and backstroke and freestyle overall fit with ventilation.

Breaststroke is a swimming style to mimic frog swimming, is also one of the most people know swimming anecdotal style, can watch the front while swimming, easy to observe whether there is an obstacle ahead, greater practical value.

Learning content: breaststroke kick, breaststroke paddlers, whirring with, tread water for operation and basic light-hop techniques.

Butterfly breaststroke technique is based on the movement evolved, the action seems to mimic the gestures of dolphins swimming, and has been hailed as the most beautiful of the four formula swimming style.

Since the consolidation of back-frog three-way action, training to prepare for the future.

Learning content: butterfly kick, butterfly hand and leg movements with breathing self, back, breaststroke swimming style three technical improvements.

Primary systemic training to improve adults's physical fitness race technology and, to prepare for the race.

Learning content: Four style swimming technical improvements, quadruple-departure and transfer pool technology, basic endurance and speed training.

Intermediate systematic training, the purpose of receiving training from the ceremony timed to master game techniques, to prepare for entry into the elite training.

Learning content: to further enhance the quadruple-contest skills, as well as establish clear goals set for students.